With individualized, custom and effective services dpct® is known throughout Europe as a recognized partner - and in Austria is the first contact for cost-conscious and intelligent companies that envision a future based on ethical values and environmentally sound principles..

What sets dpct® apart is its network of material and machine manufacturers plus a range of product designers who as one act as a single proactive partner with a focus on load unit securing in the Austrian market.

To guarantee a maximum of economic security and legal certainty of its dpct-clients the dpct®- analysis startup must be installed in advance.

The mere offering and selling of a more or less extensive range of cargo safety tools only represents the typical day-to-day business services that we offer to our clients. Our non-binding and neutral position vis-a-vis suppliers and their products gives us an objective range from which to choose from to the benefit of our clients. The objectivity this provides us with allows us the space we need to continuously search for the most innovative new processing components or products.

The special dpct analyses are continuously supplemented with specific information from each of the cargo partners and this compact world generates safety made easy.