The huge world of cargo and transport safety, with its wide range of solutions, products and the applications associated with them, is readily available to everyone interested - in our time dominated by the world wide web - whether in blogs, group portals and contacts on social networks.

dpct® sees itself as a provider of services ranging from analysis to consulting, with expertise founded on facts derived from the latest developments in the economy and the field of law.

With knowledge and expertise built on decades of relevant experience as the leading developer and manufacturer of foils, films and wraps, dpct® has in-depth knowledge, one-of-a-kind resources and the core competencies needed to provide solutions for the
highest demands in load unit securing.

For big players in the market, corporate growth and expansion into new market segments inevitably reduces geographic distances, resulting in a compact density of quality demands on a dynamic level from legal entities.

Product intelligence is only acquired by focusing on the basic conditions surrounding the problems to be tackled and by insisting on sustainability.

Innovative designers working on solutions that are viable for the future must have a full understanding of the constant changes and developments in law and in society.